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Offshoring has come to India as a separate industry since the emergence and subsequent success of IT based business functions from the UK and the US in the mid 1980?s; ever since, this competitively priced system of packaging a set of a foreign based (or even India based at times) organization?s tasks to an external agency has survived on strength of economy and consistent upgrades in services. Thus, the hiring of another company situated across state or country borders (sometimes even in anothe

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The main specialty area of an established management consultancy recognized as a quality provider of cost-effective offshore company India services then became to organize, multi-task, re-invent and design customized business model deliverables for a company based in another continent. This could include simply guidance and consultancy and then a step-up to another third party agency, which would then undertake the offshoring related tasks or the offshoring company India could expand the limit of its resources to accommodate the presence of a dedicated workforce to perform a variety of outsourced tasks for mutually agreed cost and quality terms.

What are the main advantages in choosing an offshoring company India?
At the core of offshoring any process or groups of processes that are vital or even non-core but important nonetheless, is the fact that the attractively lower cost of business operations, be it production, manufacturing support or marketing etc. associated with assured business continuity and productivity, offers business owners better operating margins.

Crucial factors in determining an offshore based organization?s decision to utilize the considerably reduced and tempting offer of expert services of a certain standard sometimes at less than 50% of home shore costs combine to help sway the decision in the favor of a top offshoring company India. Close competition if offered to the top offshoring company India by those in China, Indonesia, Philippines or Malaysia, the other emerging destinations for offshoring.

While for the IT based industry, offshoring to India and other Asian countries dominated by the stronger dollar and pound currency, the USP includes lower cost and predictable quality that is consistent with lower attrition rates than abroad, experts feel India has an extra edge over the previously named South Asian countries because it has a larger and more competent talent pool of English speaking people willing to do the grunt work. This fact was reported in the GSLI?s latest annual survey by global management consulting firm, A.T. Kearney.

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